I-Forms work best with the
Microsoft IE6 Browser
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Please print and read these notes before starting the Demonstration:

  1. After reading these notes, click here to start. This will display the demonstration start page. The demo I-forms are grouped as customers of Distributors. Clicking a button will open order forms for that customer. NOTE: The subsequent I-forms are dynamically branded with the selected Distributor's logo.

  2. The DocuSite Welcome Panel will be displayed. DocuSite is an imaginary printing company located in cyberspace. Now you should go to "Step 2: Select a Product to Order" to pick from the available products. Select "Business Cards" from the drop-down list. Now click the "Place an Order" button.

  3. An online order form will be displayed with a sequence of six steps to follow to input an order, starting with selecting a product layout. Some of our example forms have multiple product styles to choose from.

  4. Essentially the top part of the I-form has input fields for the Design of the document, and the bottom part of the order form has information needed to place the Order. Step 2 is to capture your imprint text. For the business card, key in your Name and Title information. Each card design differs, so some cards will also have address and telephone imprint areas that can be input.

  5. Step 3 allows you to modify the typographical attributes and placement of your imprint information. Notice that there are check boxes and arrow buttons. "B" will cause the imprint text to be Bold. "I" is Italic, "L" is Larger, "S" is smaller.

  6. Notice that there are dropdown selection lists for Ink Color, Color Density, and Typeface. For positioning, you can use the four "Arrow" buttons, the "Alignment" dropdown list, or even key in actual XY coordinates to move the imprinted text on the document.

  7. Step 4 allows you to select and see various paper stocks. The optional Step 5 allows you to upload a logo and resize and position it on the document.

  8. If desired, click the "Show PDF Proof" button to display a PDF version of your personalized document. NOTE: You must have the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer for this function to work properly.

  9. When you have finished keying your imprint data and selected paper stock, ink colors, and type style, scroll your window down to Step 6, the Order section of the I-form. Here you may make selections for the order options such as quantity, printing method, and shipping instructions.

  10. You may use the File/Print option within your Browser to print a hard-copy record of your order form. NOTE: You must have the option "Print background colors and images" turned on in your browser settings (go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced in your browser to make this change) to print our order forms.

  11. Click the "Add to Cart" button to simulate placing your order. NOTE: For this demonstration, we have disabled the shopping cart. The demonstration start page will be redisplayed for you to place another order or exit the demonstration. In a real system, when the order is completed, you would immediately receive ready-to-print PostScript or PDF files and complete production, billing, and shipping information.

  12. After testing the Business Cards I-form, you may wish to try the Envelopes, Letterhead, or Message Pads order forms. There are many different stationery designs to test.

Thank you for trying our I-form demonstration. Amgraf has outstanding technology to help your company use the Internet for online order capture 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Contact us toll-free at (800) 304-4797 to get started today!

Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to info@amgraf.com.